Twinnor provides a fundraising platform that serves as a tool to pair, or twinn, athletes that benefit from participation in established sport systems with those that participate in underdeveloped or nonexistent sport systems. Through the platform, athletes and teams raise funds for their chosen twinned athletes and teams to provide them with essential equipment and/or increased access and opportunities to play their sport.

100% of Funds Raised on Twinnor go to Athletes in Need!



Twinnor (n):

 A person Who enables athletes  to achieve the benefits of sports for all that desire to play them.    


With Athletes in needy communities 

the power of youth sport

OUr vision

Twinnor seeks to enable access to sports to all that desire to play them.

Twinnor aims to inspire athletes with means to connect with and enable athletes in need.

Youth sport is a big business in the developed world. In fact, youth sports in the US alone is over a $10 billion dollar industry. Twinnor allows for youth athletes that benefit from the greatest sport systems in the world to help athletes that have little to no access to organized youth sports. To learn more about the size and scope of youth sport in the U.S., you can read through this infographic.

our mission